Sunday, February 28, 2016

Popcorn writing

We watched as the hard coated corn fell into the machine, we waited.The smell of melted butter wafted through the air then the popcorn started blasting this way and that, like a ping pong ball getting hit back and forth. Mrs Reynolds tried to control the monster. It fired back with hot balls of fury. Mrs Reynolds captured the monsters in three green bowls, our mouths drooling with saliva just at the sight of the deformed kernels. Mrs Reynolds passed a bowl full of the hot clouds.We each took a tiny bit and stared at it like it was the last food on earth,then in a split second it was gone.


  1. This amazing as I read this I got a picture in my head. I like how you said “Mrs Reynolds tried to control the monster, I can connect to this because I was in the same room and I could see how Mrs Reynolds was struggling to control the monster :-)