Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Proud writing

The wind was rushing past my face, I held my stick on the ground ready to defend.

The sound of studs clicking on the metal steps of the bus made me rush as we all trampled out of the bus on to the concrete path ready to play a game of hockey.

 Our coach slowly lowered the bag onto the soft squishy grass, I spooned out a ball and stick from the black bag.

After we had practiced a bit we decided to play, we were playing against Fendalton.  After half time we changed our positions I was mid and Summer was back.

 I hit the ball toward the goal.  Summer and some Fendalton kids were fighting for the ball. I sprinted toward the ball as if I was a dog, the wind was rushing past my face. I held my stick on the ground then pushed, it went into the goal successfully. 

The feeling of pride rushes past me like the wind,and that is a memory I will remember.

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